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In person and Virtual Interview Tips

  • First and foremost, “you want to be prepared!”
  • Do some homework on the company and the job you’re applying for.
  • Review the job description if available so you are aware of the skill set the company is looking for. How does your past experience relate to it?
  • Have an understanding of what you have to contribute to the organization.
  • Make a good first impression. Be yourself, listen to the interviewer, answer the questions and do not speak over the person asking. Try to be clear and concise with your answers. Don’t be afraid to show the company who you are without being overly confident.

In person interview

  • Dress appropriately, arrive early, ensure your cell phone is silent and do not bring beverages with you.
  • Review your resume and be prepared to discuss previous positions, experience and qualifications. Bring a hard copy of your resume as well for the interviewer.
  • Shake hands with the interviewer ( if applicable in the current times).
  • Don’t be afraid to make eye contact.

Virtual Interview

  • Prepare your technology for the specific platform you’ll be using for the meeting. Ensure you are in a well-lit inviting tidy space. What does your environment and presentation reveal about you?
  • Before your call, open the application to test the camera and sound quality from your device.
  • If you live with other people, let them know of your meeting schedule to try and avoid any disruptions during your call.
  • Put on a professional interview outfit.
  • Set your phone to silent.
  • Ensure you are well-framed on screen and comfortable.
  • Lead with a smile and don’t be afraid to laugh and engage with the interviewer.
  • If there’s a lag in technology where you both spoke at the same time, apologize and let them lead. If you don’t understand the question they asked, let them finish and ask clarifying questions. Remember to be respectful and kind. To ace a virtual interview means making a positive impression.