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PERSONNEL by Elsie - Candidates Seeking Employment

Employment Opportunities for Job Seekers

Many companies do not have the time or the resources to do their own recruiting, so they come to PERSONNEL by Elsie because our team makes it easier for them to find the right person for the job.

If you are a candidate seeking employment, registering with us provides a great deal of flexibility in the job seeking market. We do not charge any fees to candidates that we find employment for; recruitment fees are billed only to our clients.

We recruit and interview individuals all day, every day, for a diverse number of organizations. By coming to us for employment assistance, you are opening the door to opportunities that you may not have known existed because they were unlikely advertised to the public. Under some circumstances, you may not have to go for an interview, as we have built long-standing relationships with our clients and are very familiar with their needs so they trust us to choose the right candidate for them. Therefore, if we call you and tell you about a position and you accept it, you will be assigned to that position over the phone.

In addition, we may move you around from client to client until you secure a position within an organization where you are a great fit, and would like to remain. This job movement may be beneficial as it provides you the opportunity to explore positions with various companies and allows those companies to evaluate you as a long-term employee.

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Management / Executive Placement Services for Job Seekers

How Do Candidates Benefit From Our Management / Executive Placement Services?

We are a valuable resource in helping you find employment in today's challenging job market. There are also no fees to candidates for our assistance as our clients are billed for our services once positions are filled. Other great benefits of choosing the recruitment team at PERSONNEL by Elsie for our management / executive placement services include:
  • Confidentiality - we can help you search for alternative employment while you continue working at your current position
  • Time management - it is difficult to search for new employment while you are currently working so we will search for positions and take care of the necessary arrangements for you
  • We can tell our clients more about you than your resume indicates and they will trust our assessment of you
  • We provide you with information about our clients and tips regarding the interview process that may give you a better chance in securing the position than a competitive candidate applying from an outside source
Whether you are a candidate or a client, you are equally important to us! We thank you for your interest in PERSONNEL by Elsie and hope to be of service to you in the future. Please contact us today if you would like to start benefiting from our services.

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